10 Tips on Lawn Care

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November 9, 2015

10 Tips on Lawn Care

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A beautiful garden or a lawn is everyone’s dream. Many people don’t pursue this dream because of the hard work required. Besides hard work, it is also important to be aware about standard practices of lawn care and maintenance.

  1. Use fertilizers at regular interval- Fertilizer is your lawn’s food. So more you feed your lawn, more beautifully it grows. You can give fertilizers in the beginning of the spring seasons and then at the interval of 3 to 6 months.
  2. Regular weeding –If you want to keep your lawn very neat and tidy in looks and appearance, you will have to weed them regularly. Every 15 days or so, you should remove unwanted grass from your lawn.
  3. Watering – Keep watering your lawn according to the watering need of the type of grass. You should also consider the weather of the place at that time.
  4. Mowing – A grass lawn not properly trimmed, looks like a mess in the open. So keep mowing your lawn at regular intervals. Depending upon the length of the grass required you can change your mowing interval.
  5. Use pesticide only if necessary – You should generally try to avoid the use of chemicals on your lawn. But if it is required do it in absolute moderation.
  6. Aerating – We must aerate the lawn soil for getting the best soil for the grass growth. They make the soil stronger to hold the roots of the grass and make the lawn more beautiful.
  7. Save from Pets – If you have cats, dogs or rabbits, watch them all the time on your lawn. As they tend to dig the earth with their claws. So take care of them when your pets are on the lawn.
  8. Do soil testing – Before buying the right nutrients do some research. Know about the type of soil you have in your lawn. What kind of grass you are planning to grow there. Buying the right kind of soil nutrients will definitely enhance the greenery of your lawn.
  9. Use organic fertilizers – In spite of giving a commercial fertilizer, you can try some homemade fertilizer for your lawn. You can use your organic waste from your kitchen and cover them with wood dust for 2 weeks. You can use some organic fertilizers purchased from the market also.
  10. Grow the right grass – When you are planning to make a lawn, first thing you should choose is the type of grass to grow. Not all grass grows well in all soil types. You should also take climate conditions into consideration. Do some research about common vegetation in your place before making the decision.

These general ideas will definitely help you to take care of your lawn very well. More importantly, it is about loving the process of taking care of the lawn.